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Introducing WINMAX WP2 4×4 Performance Brake Pads

Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon Friction: 0.36 – 0.39 Temp range: 0 – 600degC Performance upgrade brake pads for heavy duty and off road as well as towingWorks from low temperatures and fa...
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NOW AVAILABLE! Don't go the track day without upgrading your brakes pads in the rapid new little weapon. Go with Circo S88 which are our go-to for high performance and track day use. High temperatu...
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Mercedes Benz C63s Track Pads!

The new Merc C63s is a perfect trackday weapon, until you get to lap 3 and run out of brakes... Before you go to the track make sure you install some Circo M119 front and Circo S88 rear pads to mak...
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BMW M2 Competition Brake Pads

The new BMW M2 Comp is a weapon that many owners are choosing to use at the track. And as with almost every road car rolling off the production line, the pads are not up to the punishment of trackwork...
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Product Update

Wilwood Brakes from the US are a worldwide brand and manufacture all components for aftermarket brake customers, including brake pads. These guys tend to use bespoke shapes in their calipers which me...
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New Product Release – Ford Mustang

The new Ford Mustang is pretty awesome in a lot of ways, brakes is not one of them! They do stop ok but when tested in a performance setting they begin to show weakness. So we have the answer! Contact...
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