Winmax W7

Compound: Metallic
Friction: 0.48 – 0.53
Temp range: 100 – 850degC

  • Competition only Brake Pads
  • Semi-Professional motorsport use only

Professional class brake pads that have the highest heat tolerance and effectiveness in the Winmax range as well as break-neck coefficient of friction stopping power. These pads are also designed to work with competition vehicles with the booster removed.

This pad is ideal for:
Competition, high level motorsport.
Tarmac Rally heavy, powerful vehicles

Why buy this product?
Professional level competition brake pads
Highest heat tolerance / fade resistence.
Designed to work without booster if necessary
Very high torque throughout the stop
Excellent modulation and feel
Works from low temperatures so suitable for rally / sprint / hill climb

What you get:
1 part number = 1 set of pads. In most cases this is 4 pads per box. If your calipers take more than 2 pads per caliper (E.g Audi RS4), the part number you buy will include all the pads you need to service the axle set of calipers. Also included is bedding instructions to help you get the most out of your new pads. 

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