Winmax WP2

Compound: Low-Metallic Carbon
Friction: 0.36 – 0.39
Temp range: 0 – 600degC

Performance upgrade brake pads for heavy duty and off road as well as towing.

Works from low temperatures and fade resistant so is suitable for heavy duty and GVM upgrade vehicles. Winmax WP2 brake pads are a low-steel carbon based compound and will work much harder than other ‘heavy duty’ pad options with lower pedal pressure required to pull up those big loads.This pad is ideal for:

  • Heavy Duty 4×4
  • Off Road
  • Towing
  • GVM Upgrade
  • Wheel and tyre ‘over diameter’ upgrades


Why buy this product?
100% made in Japan with world best practices

Designed for use in application where low temperature friction is required
Very high levels of modulation
Excellent all-round brake pad suitable for daily street use in high performance applications.
Works instantly from ambient temperatures
Provides long lasting pad life and rotor wear.


What you get:
1 part number = 1 set of pads. In most cases this is 4 pads per box. If your calipers take more than 2 pads per caliper (E.g Audi RS4), the part number you buy will include all the pads you need to service the axle set of calipers. Also included is bedding instructions to help you get the most out of your new pads. 

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